Saturday, October 13, 2012


Well Dragon*Con was a success.

None of the pictures of me in my costume turned out very well, except for this one. I'll take more later to actually show it off. Maybe I'll actually have a waist in them. Also that lady in the background.

Just look at my last post for some of the progress images and then use your imagination.

Basically in this process I learned that I am horrible at choosing fabrics for costumes, but also that face paint is fun. I should have learned both of these things last year.

It actually came out really well. Made my first ever shirt (that you shall never see without the shoulders hiding the collar). I also learned not to start these projects in the summer. That is not enough time. Especially for a project of this scale. I did not learn this last year, either.

Next year will be even better though! I shall go bigger! Much bigger! With corsets!
We tried on some corsets one day, and then I knew. Yes please, more of this.

But now I am in the Fall semester, making things that are relevant for jobs and degrees and things. I have pictures in my gallery!

It's the first 4 pieces in the top group, and the first piece in the bottom group. Lots of posters and ads and websites and all sorts of career things.

Making websites at work is fun. Soon I shall design my own for them! It will be grand. I just brought up the fact that we need to get started on the redesign, so hopefully we can jump into ideas and things next week.

But my portfolio simply displays the fact that I built The Sentinel website. It basically runs my life right now.
But it's pretty fun.
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I sign off with this shameless plug.