Thursday, July 28, 2011

5 Weeks?

When I haven't been working on my summer classes--which are over now--I have doing a whole lot of nothing.

But today I finally worked on my costume:

Pretty much I've just done the skirt. I still need to do the stripe with the silver buttons though.

But now it's on to the tunic.
Look how scary it is.


One thing that's good: The legs are very comfortable.
Well, this is before the knee-guard things, but so far, they are totally sit-on-the-floor-in-long-lines ready.

The arms, however, suck. They don't stretch at all. It's really too late to change the fabric, since I have to use it in the rest of the outfit as well, but gosh. No circulation past the elbows if I bend my arms.

Anyone know how to give me more room for bending? Because that would be good.

Another thing I'm working on, actually, is the hair.

I really want to dye it. I think that would be a lot of fun. But Kaylee does not have green hair, and I'm dressing up as her for the Shindig.

Oh well.

So right now my plan is to just insert strips of green into my hair:

We'll see how that goes.

Fun times!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthday Class!

Second time ever having school on my birthday.

I had a quiz.

It was easy though.

Also in class today: In-class web-pages!
I know we've done these before, but this one is cool!


It came out pretty good I think! Well, only in Firefox and Chrome.
Here's a link if you so desire: [this thing]

That's all class was.

Happy Birthday to me!