Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Flu!

I was totally sick this week, and still am now, though I'm at the point where I'm forcing myself to pretend that I'm not in order to get things done.

One thing that I finished:

Self-portrait for my compter applications class. It's nothing particularly special or complicated (or creative), but I have very little time left to finish all of the homework I've been putting off since sitting up at all has, up until recently, meant certain death.

Anywho, I am currently working on some good old 3D art made up of wire and hot glue. Wire since it's cheap and I can work with it. Glue for the large amount that I already own, and possibly to add some texture.

The project is to make a form (well, 5) that represent a certain descriptive. Mine is 'Cling' so I'm making something that looks stringy and that it's sticking to the inside of something. I hope it goes well. I'd give you pictures, but I'm really on a time crunch and you're lucky to even have a blog post.

That being said-- Bye!