Friday, May 20, 2011

HTML, CSS, and Shiny New Things

Well I'm working on my new website. I'm trying to get out of free, ready-template-based websites with ads and urls and things, so I've typed myself up a new one. The Web Dev class that I'm currently taking during my Maymester has helped out a whole lot and it is all very fancy.

Feel free to look at any progress based upon when in time you do, indeed, click here. I would do some sort of grand opening, but with all the coding and completing and domain name purchasing and stuff I have become impatient and hereby give it to the internet.

The transition period will be weird. Webs will be up until the new one is ready to go on on its own.

Anyway, I have a whole ton of new art that you lovely people have not seen. I shall photograph it and post it sometime in the next few days. Maybe some tonight if I don't feel like sleeping. Which I don't.

Also I'm using Lightbox to make my pictures pop up all fancy. If it doesn't work for any reason... then I really can't do much about it. I'll definitely look at it, but I am a javascript noob for cereal.