Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Things

Well the Spring semester started a while ago, and I gotta say I have learned so much in these 5 weeks.
I also have the most demanding classes I've ever had, even though I only have two studio classes.

Actually, my classes are Typography II, Photography I, Art History, and Marketing.

Type II is not bad right now, but I've been told it gets a lot worse. But so far I have learned a heck of a lot about layouts. We have a 16-page booklet coming up, and if I'm not a pro at laying out a butt-load of text and images by the time that's done, then I don't know what will do it.

Photography is pretty fun. I'm taking it since images are very important in graphic design and businesses, so I thought I'd learn to make my own. But we have a lot of photos and prints due all the time, so it's crazy to keep up with.

Art history is super interesting, but the memorization is not that awesome. But art history is how I learn my world history, so it's good to nerd out in there.

Marketing is pretty demanding. The chapters are super long, and we don't have much time after we submit one response before we have to read the next two chapters and write about those. And so far it's just a bunch of economics, but I'm hoping I'll pick up some things that will help me in my career.

Outside of school, I finally finished and uploaded my new website design. I've got my own server space and everything so the URL's are nice and pretty! I've also added my latest graphic design assignments to my 2D Digital Art gallery.
Check everything out here! --> www.taylormariewhite.com