Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summertime Hullabaloo

Sooo the summer semester is almost over and I have barely told you a single thing about it.

First things first. That short animation project I did at the beginning of the semester has long since been finished, so I shall show it to you!

I have yet to set up my website to display my flash animations in a way where the whole gallery is consistent. Buuut I can just post the links for now.

Well I guess I just post screenshots of the animations and give a link to them in the description....

I'll work on that later.

But I have a lot of things that need to go in my gallery so it's not just the animations that I need to post. I also need to clean up a few old iron pour pieces and re-hot glue my styrofoam sculpture and ...others, I think. So I guess I'm just being lazy about my gallery altogether because I know that there are a few things that I need to do.

Project One
Project Two

Project Three is currently in progress, so you may not see it!

So project 1 turned out awesome. The music was a total last second decision. I just searched through my silly songs from various video game soundtracks and picked an upbeat one that was the correct length. Though that didn't matter much since it still just fades out in the end.
Anyway it was totally perfect since it picks up at just the right moments.

Oh yes.

Project 2 was okay. It looks the way I wanted it to, but it's very much not as interactive as I wanted it to be. The illustrations took longer than I thought, and basically it just isn't as good as a flash website should be.

Luckily our last project is another website, and this one is going to be AWESOME. Everything will move and be interactive and you'll all love it.

Here's a sneak peak: