Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Own Incompletes

I just realized that I only posted 1 of my projects from Jewelry & Small Metals II. My bowl. That was the 3rd project of the class.
Before that I had done 2 forged bracelets. One a simple faceted bangle, and another bracelet of our own design.

I think I shall photograph those and get them in my gallery

I think the only reason I hesitated was because they aren't entirely complete.
The bangle is a little small to fit over my hand, and the 2nd bracelet--I feel--needs a few more components.

However, since I don't feel like I will be working on them any time soon, I think I'll just post them and fix them up later.

I am incredibly proud of both of them, and feel like sharing them with the world! I'll see if I can't have them cleaned up and photographed by the end of the day.

__5/9/12 Update__

I have now posted them! Go see!