Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Getting Stuff Done

First on my list of things to start and then continue doing on a regular basis:
  • Set up my acetylene torch. I received the final piece to my metalworking setup and hopefully sometime soon (since I got it for Christmas and it's still not done) I will be in my garage making cool things that need to be very hot for a while.
  • Finish my purse. My old purse was the greatest thing that ever happened to me and it sadly fell apart. It was actually pretty low quality but it fit everything that I needed and was super colorful and adorable. Sooo I bought some of my favorite fabrics and started up a replacement that will do everything my old one did. Only better. It is still quite a puzzle so I don't get very far by the end of each day.
  • As far as websites go, I did design a whole new layout and color scheme and all that good jazz. That wasn't my original plan though. I'd hoped to first just get off of my school's server and therefore have more professional looking URLs.
    However in my attempts to upload my new files, I deleted the old ones and was not able to replace them. So now I just want any website at all. Though I'm pretty sure getting onto a new server will solve all my problems, so I basically just need to do that. Quickly. My website just says "Not found" which is really not cool.
  • In preparation for this summer when I want to have either internships or new jobs, I will need to start teaching myself web design-y things. Mostly Javascript and... others that I forget. Anyway Javascript is hard, so I've hardly focused on it at all, let alone any others.
  • This one has nothing to do with my professional career, but I really need to learn how to cook quick healthy things. The holidays were nice because I did not hesitate to pull out cookbooks and try things / cook the same things over and over because I know I like them (but it was still stuff that I made myself, and the ingredients for all of them together were cheaper than a weeks worth of the other crap I usually buy).
    Anyway, I'm back to the convenient crap I usually buy and it makes me really sad. Like, I just don't like eating it. Knowing that I could cook something else if I ha the stuff but not getting started on it makes me so depressed.
    I did get my juicer for Christmas, and if I could just buy some fruit and junk I could totally start carrying around something to tie me over and not feel so awful about myself.