Friday, August 17, 2012

Sweet, Sweet Progress

I now have two pieces of my costume done! Which is good (or maybe bad?) because there are only 13 days until Dragon*Con!

I'm not really sure how well my fabric paint will stick to the fabric I used for my shoulder piece, but I worked really hard on that design, so I hope it stays!
Also I followed the instructions on the bottle.
Very important.

This design is nuts, but I finally got the hang of it!

Cutting it out was not fun, however.

There was probably a more professional way to do this, but my technique was to make a stencil, and then lay down masking tape on the open parts. After cutting it all out, (again) the tape was left on the fabric so that I could sponge my paint around it.

Anyway, it worked like a charm. And I still have the big stencil in case I want to go in with paint--or the tape--again.

Also behold my bag!

Speaking of which, I remember now that the shoulders need the large stitching across the seams. UGH.

Well that shouldn't take long. Then I have to work on the rest of the costume, which is really daunting.

Even though I already have those boots!
And by that I mean I went to Radiant Raiment and found my character some boots that looked like the ones that I already own.

So anyway, now I've gotta make that shirt, which I found a pretty good pattern for. Though, I'll have to fix up the collar a bit. Which will be fine I guess. I did the same look on the shoulders, as well as the collar on my costume from last year.

But UGH I really do not want to make that shirt at all. I've never made a shirt before!

And thennnn I have to make the tunic-y thing. I already have the fabric cut out, so I sort of just have to tack the pieces together.

After that (or before, since I don't want to make the shirt!) will be the buckle. I was going to try to actually repousse it into metal like a boss, but I'm such a noob at that that I figured I would just go with mesh and plaster cloth, or Sculpey.
I feel like either of those will be quicker, and more guaranteed for success. I don't have time to use metal. Nor do I have chasing tools. And I really don't feel like trying to work on custuming stuff in the sculpture studio.

One thing I'm excited about for this year, is wearing that red face paint!
I bought some (rather expensive) face paint from Joann Fabrics, but it comes of REALLY easy with water. And I'm going to be sweating all over the place. And my makeup seal didn't do much.

But the paint that I was going to use last year--and didn't--stays on really well. I just need to buy a red version.

Well, I only have 2 weeks to get all this done.

Oh. I also finished my third project from my summer class.
This is the page I made that leads to my other team members' pages. And then the "Laura Smith" link leads to the rest of my site!