Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summertime Activites

This will probably be my busiest summer of all time.

I am taking two summer classes, Adobe Flash and Marketing, and I need to get started on my Dragon*Con costume.

Flash, for one, is very time consuming. We have long assignments due every week day and fairly large projects about every 3 weeks. Weekends don't give much relief.

I'm pretty excited about my current project though. It's a 20sec TV commercial, and I've never used Flash before, and I've made a very complicated storyboard. I'll post some of those as soon as I figure out the method with which I want to do so. It's very difficult and due in about 4 days.

Marketing is pretty much the same as Flash as far as the number of assignments goes. Summer classes are so jam-packed, it's a little crazy.

Regardless of all the mess that I need to get done for school, I've realized that I'm quickly running out of time for costuming and have started planning for that. I have until August 31 to finish everything.

I think my goal is pretty simple sewing-wise (compared to last year), but the planning stage is taking longer than I thought it would.

So I'm making this sexy lady, and I really need to make sure my fabric choices are a little wiser this time around. Also the colors are very weird and specific, so I'll be putting my dyeing skills to the test!

She has a staff, but I'll probably not even do it at all.

If I had more time, it would be a possibility. Get my sculpture on.
But as of right now, I really do not think so.

On the bright side, props are really annoying when walking around the Con. Even though it would be flippin' sweet.