Thursday, December 9, 2010

Finals Continue

I finished my box!

Well, I kinda want to go into with an... actual patina. I kinda cheated with Sharpie. I looks pretty cool like this though. Plus I worked really hard on it, so I may want to just keep it this way.

[More views in the lovely Gallery]

...That's it for today.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finals are Cool

Last week of the semester coming up! Lots of projects getting finished.

In Art we have an Art for Social Change project, where I chose Factory Farming because they're bad, bad. We were to advertise an organization working with our issue and such.


We were allowed to use whatever medium we wanted, so I did mine on Photoshop. Partly because it's easy to edit, but mostly because I had never finished a completely tablet-drawn piece before and wanted to at least be able to say that I had.

As for my Metals ring, I got it back and have photographed it for your viewing pleasures.

[Other views of the back and all around can be seen in the Gallery!]

My box is due on Thursday and I'm a little scared of not finishing it.


It's made of brass and has some acid etching on it. I still need to solder the bottom onto it, finish soldering the top, then cut off what will become the lid, then solder in a little ridge that will fit down into the main piece so it will stay in place when you close it. And then polishing and patinas and things.

Luckily my professor has decided to come into school on Tuesday, even though classes ended on Thursday, since we're all a little behind.

Also I apologize for any inconsistencies with my fonts around here. They've got a mind of their own.