Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Biggest Head Start in History!

As we all know, my super awesome cosplay of choice for D*C 2014 is this awesome lady:

I am sooo excited for everything about this costume, and I think I have it planned out pretty well so far.

With Worbla, and LED lights / EL wire, and craft foam, and a whole lot of sewing, this is definitely a project where my notebook is full of more taking notes and writing instructions rather than just jotting down lists and sketches.

Since the Worbla and lights part will need a bit more planning (and purchasing) and will have to happen at the same time, I thought I'd start off easy.

Craft foam is like, $.60 at Joann.

Now there are a lot of tiny details in this costume, and I dunno what material the game is trying to make the gold pieces all over the fabric look like, but they match the metal of the mask and other armor pieces.

But I really don't want to use the same material in the armor as I do in the fabric. I have to sit in it and things. And also fabric likes to move around. And also that would be expensive. And embroidery / fabric markers are 'ugghhh' and 'mehhhh' respectively.

I read a lot of tutorials on different ways to make different armor, and after reading that the craft foam route is super flexible and can often be sewn onto fabric, I think that that is the perfect way to go.

Well, I hope so anyway. That is why I'm starting out my test piece.

I'm really not sure if the front piece on the bodice should be made out of this material, but I thought that this was a fine enough shape to try out these techniques. 

I'm following this tutorial to seal and paint it, and I figure if these can be used for an entire suit of armor, it can be used for a few of the smaller pieces.

So far painting it with watered down glue to seal it is working pretty well. I gotta say I'm not doing the one-coat-every-day-for-a-week thing with this diamond, but I will do another test piece where I do do that and then we shall compare them and see which works best for... all of those small pieces all over the outfit.

The moral of this story--if I don't make tremendous progress over the next year and finish super super early, then I am a horrible failure.

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