Monday, September 9, 2013

2013 Wrap-Up

D*C 2013 was good.

I finished my costumes every so slightly earlier than usual and they were a tremendous success!

First up: Steampunk-Pokemon-Trainer-Generic

The corset was a little warm, but I was okay with it open or closed. It fit very well so I was super pleased with my first ever vest! Aw yeah.

Ignore the wrinkles--it spent the night on the floor...

I'm glad that the bag / leg holster thingy allowed me to walk. I'm also glad that my red socks worked out! I was worried about introducing too much color, but I think it looked just fine. Especially with the gloves. 

Everyone else seemed to love it, so yeah!

Next up: Kelari!

I was sooo nervous about painting my face. I was worried about it melting off or looking splotchy, or not matching my arms, but somehow it all worked out!

I ended up mixing the two paint colors I bought with my sponge while applying it. I don't know why it came out even, since I barely practiced. But it's good that it did!

Wearing ears was also a lot of fun! First time doing that.

I was supposed to do all of this last year, but we didn't wake up in time for me to do it.
Also I had no plans or any knowledge of how to do it properly with setting powder and such. I also didn't have the right paint color. Or armsocks. Or anything at all.
So I'm glad I waited.

I'm very happy with my armsocks as well. Whoever came up with this was a genius. It's so much better than trying to paint my entire body, which would have been the worst thing ever in the whole world.

Super pumped that the paint color was just right and barely rubbed off at all!
The neck was really the only problem area, but it wasn't that bad. Also I had to touch up under my nose, so that was fun to do in the corner of Darkmoon Faire.

The only drawback to this excellently accurate Rift costume was that everyone thought I was a Night Elf while we were at the World of Warcraft party. I let them take pictures and stuff because whatever.

I shall rate the success of my weekend based on how many people asked to take pictures of both of my costumes, which was about 10 million. So hooray!

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