Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dragon*Con 2014

Welp. I think I want to know what I want to do next year.

I've been waiting to be able to do a super amazing kick-ass costume for a long time. And finally after doing all of my practice costumes up to this point, and after watching some videos about Worbla, I think I can make my dream a reality.

I want to make a costume that has a lot of details and armor and glowing bits and fitted bits and flowy bits, and I think I found just the thing.

Rift's awesome mage robes! 

I love Rift, but I didn't love my character I'd been playing. Deciding on one at first was really really really hard. I played a Cleric for a little bit a few weeks ago, but a Cleric just isn't me. And my old Kelari Rogue isn't me either.

That's when I realized that Mages are what I like to play best. Sure huge hammers are awesome, and tanking is awesome, but using fire magic is the awesomest of all. 
I've done it the longest and in the most games, and I just can't escape it.

So I shall make my favorite mage armor.

Figuring out that helmet will be fun.

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